The Grove

An immersive food and nature experience in South Gippsland.





The Grove’s restaurant supports local businesses and small-scale farming families by gathering the best quality produce that the area has to offer and using these ingredients to form the core of all menus. Low kilometres. Low impact. Little Footprint.



To ensure we stay connected to our food roots, the restaurant only uses ingredients that are in season, challenging our chefs to adapt the menu to what’s available. Gathered daily. Prepared fresh. 


We do what we do because we love it. We are passionate, and we want to make Real Food accessible to Real People. We offer an authentic, gourmet Gippsland experience for those who care about good food and where it comes from. 

The Grove Dot


The Grove Gippsland was opened by South Gippsland resident & ophthalmologist, Dr. David Ehrlich, in February 2019, with the intent to create a destination offering an immersive experience connecting food and nature, celebrating all that is great in Gippsland.  

Home to an operational Olive Grove, Trufferie, Sculpture Park and Walk, visitors are encouraged to visit our Heirloom vegetable garden, and pick and eat the fresh greens that supply our on-site restaurant.

The mission of The Grove is to bring real people together with real food grown from our rich soils.